Sunday, June 30, 2013

Logout your Facebook Account From other Computers


  1. log in your account (from anywhere)
  2. go to Account Settings (located in the right side of Home)

The Blue Screen of Death

A Blue Screen Error or STOP error, also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), can be a frustrating experience. The error message almost never clearly states what is wrong, and they seem to strike at random. Follow this guide to diagnose and fix the errors causing the Blue Screen of Death.

Thankfully, Windows' dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" is getting to be a rare event, but it still occurs. When it does, it isn't very helpful in helping you hunt down the problem.
The problem can often be traced to bad memory modules. Memory is cheap and buying extra RAM capacity is usually worth it for the performance boost.
It's not difficult to remove and install memory modules. You'll find video tutorials at all the major online memory stores.
Just remember to ground yourself when you open your computer. You don't want to fry sensitive electronics with static electricity.

The three ways to fix the Blue Screen of Death :-

1. Check your computer's Temperature.
2. Check your computer's internal Hardware.
3. Determine if you changed something recently.

Sometimes , software might be the reason for the Blue Screen of Death. So, uninstall all the unnecessary software from your computer.

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